The Truth About Overconsumption of Skincare Products

The Truth About Overconsumption of Skincare Products - Goodspread

How many skincare advertisements do you encounter daily? We'd venture to say it's quite a high number. The reason behind this abundance lies in the vested interest of major skincare corporations in cultivating a sense of necessity for every new skincare product they produce. Interestingly, many of these new offerings contain nearly identical ingredients with minor tweaks, repackaged and marketed as the ultimate solution to any skin issue. The repercussions extend beyond excessive spending.

So, what's the core issue regarding this rampant overconsumption we witness today? It's segmentation, leading to specialized products for virtually every need, juxtaposed with a lack of high-quality universal products – a trend we aim to buck at Goodspread.

You see, we're contending with an excess of waste beyond what most people are aware of, surpassing what our planet can effectively manage. Regrettably, the beauty industry has transformed into a rapidly expanding, over-producing machine, promising much but delivering little – a cycle of empty assurances, unnecessary products, and a staggering 120 billion units of plastic packaging waste each year.

While we can't speak for other skincare brands, we're determined to be part of the solution, not the problem. We firmly believe that the notion of needing a multitude of products for good skin is a fallacy.

Firstly, skincare trends are short-lived. Skincare products, when used regularly, should last a considerable period, right? Assuming you use a select few products consistently, it should be months before you need a replenishment.

However, for most individuals, this isn't the case. Take a glimpse at the bathroom shelves, drawers, or even closets of numerous social media influencers. They often showcase an array of skincare and beauty products, many of which are used infrequently, if at all.

Influencers, celebrities, and public figures receive an abundance of products from various skincare lines – products used once or maybe a few times at best. Then it's on to the next new product to sample, promote, and eventually discard.

Then, through target marketing and the constant desire to fit into impossible beauty standards, people will purchase the same products that their favorite influencer used one time. How many times do you think that product gets used before a newer, “better” product comes along? 

To meet the demand for these trendy one-and-done products, skincare companies have to churn out massive quantities of each product, the majority of which are discarded well before being anywhere near finished.

This mass production results in a staggering amount of environmental waste, particularly plastic waste from discarded skincare products, overwhelming landfills and contributing to pollution. Just in the U.S. beauty and personal care product industries, 7.9 billion units of hard plastics contribute to this problem.

Now, you might hope that recycling would mitigate this issue. Unfortunately, it doesn't make a significant dent. The EPA states that only about 9% of plastics are actually recycled. Even alternative packaging materials like aluminum or glass barely make a difference.

This means that about 91% of plastics end up in landfills or oceans, harming wildlife and our environment daily. So, even with consumers diligently trying to recycle their skincare tubes, it's insufficient to counter the impact of skincare and plastic waste we witness today.

The solution? To start with, creating and using universal skincare products that lessen the need for specialized ones.

Does your skin truly require 37 distinct products to cater to various needs across different body parts? In short, no. Yet, skincare companies amass immense wealth by marketing a myriad of products for different body parts, skin types, issues, genders, races, and ages.

Here's the reality: the segmentation of skincare products is a major issue fueling overconsumption in the skincare industry. It's misleading to consumers and wasteful in the grand scheme.

In truth, consistency and simplicity are paramount when it comes to enhancing your skin. Flipping from one product to another can actually harm your skin.

Happy, healthy skin necessitates regular cleansing, moisturizing, and protection. Occasionally, you may include exfoliation, but this is contingent on your skin's needs. Ultimately, you're looking at only three or four essential skincare products.

By adhering to a small selection of products, you can genuinely finish each bottle before acquiring a new one, leading to significantly less plastic waste over time and a reduced demand for product overproduction.

As it turns out, what benefits your skin also benefits the planet – uncomplicated skincare routines centered on quality, universal products. At Goodspread, we strongly believe that the skincare industry needs to recalibrate product quality, versatility, inclusivity, and packaging to tackle skincare overproduction and encourage mindful consumption. That's why we're committed to creating universal products that are more versatile and reduce the environmental impact of skincare waste.

We're focusing on four key approaches to drive significant changes in the skincare industry and beyond:

  1. Prioritizing product quality over quantity by producing small-batch, eco-friendly skincare with clean, natural ingredients and no synthetic fragrances, thus reducing environmental harm while appealing to a diverse audience.
  2. Ensuring product versatility by creating universal products that are safe and effective for use on any part of your body.
  3. Advocating for inclusivity in skincare products and marketing, devoid of gender, race, or age stereotypes.
  4. Designing efficient product packaging that appeals to a broad audience, emphasizing usability and convenience for applying the product.

In our perspective, we can and should care for our skin while also safeguarding this beautiful planet we call home. With Goodspread products, you don't have to make a choice between the two. The future is universal.


 At Goodspread Skincare, we firmly believe that skincare and beauty companies should be accountable for their impact on the environment and the planet. That's why we strive to offer more with less. Obtaining more value, convenience, and versatility from your skincare means using and purchasing fewer products, resulting in reduced discarded plastic and materials – ultimately, more goodness, less waste, and better skin.