Why Does Skincare Segregate Body Parts? (And Why You Don’t Have To)

Why Does Skincare Segregate Body Parts? (And Why You Don’t Have To) - Goodspread

Have you ever wondered why skincare brands put so much emphasis on WHERE you use certain products?

Sometimes there’s a warning label with big bold letters telling you to only put it in the right place – like face, body, arms, knees, ear lobes, pinky toe…you get the idea. Skincare products can be pretty darn specific about where and how you use them.

But that all feels a bit too limiting for our taste, not to mention expensive and exhausting.

Maybe it’s strange to think there could be a one-size-fits-wherever-you-want product. Or maybe it’s more strange that we just accept skincare that has restrictions and segregation of body parts.

We think it’s option two. For sure.  

So, why is it tricky to find skincare products that work for multiple body parts at once?

Here’s one of the more common segregations we see in skincare: face vs. body. It’s pretty commonly known that you just shouldn’t use body products on your face. That’s why you end up paying a pretty penny for specially formulated face products. But let’s go deeper. Why exactly is it considered a no-no to mix and match between face and body? Here are the 3 main reasons:

  1. Skin on your face is thinner than the skin on your body.
  2. Facial skin has smaller skin cells, which makes it more sensitive.
  3. Hair follicles are more dense and more fine on the face than anywhere else.

Okay. So, facial skin is more delicate, prone to irritation, and sensitive than other parts of your body. It simply needs more protection from junk that goes into some products (parabens, sulfates, colorants, fragrances, etc.).

That makes sense.

But our question is, why on Earth would we want all that junk in ANY of our skincare products? Just because the bigger skin cells on your body can better protect harmful chemicals from getting in, does not mean that there should be any harmful chemicals in your skincare. No matter where you put it on your body.


If we take the unnecessary rubbish out of all of our skincare, we are left with products that adapt to skin all over the body.

Hello to WAY less products and cleaner skincare. 

Plus, did you know that your skin can actually do most of the hard work on its own?

It’s true! Have you ever looked at someone who simply splashes water on their face in the morning and at night and thought, “how dare they?” They don’t go through an intensive 17-step routine for perfect skin. They just use…water.

And that person is probably quite happy with their skin as it is.

Here’s why: our skin is already packed full of the ingredients it needs to exfoliate, moisturize, protect, and heal itself. All of the hundreds of fancy beauty ingredients in high-end skincare lines? It’s all inspired by what the skin naturally makes.

Pretty cool, right?

Your skin actually craves a simpler maintenance plan, because a lot of mainstream skincare is pretty redundant at its core. 

Now, this isn’t to say skin doesn’t need support sometimes. We’re all unique humans with different needs, and our skin has unique needs too. 

It just doesn’t need as many different products as we think it does (or as we’ve been told it does).

*Sidenote: We know that some skincare products prescribed by Dermatologists are meant to treat certain skin conditions. Things that are medically necessary should be used as prescribed and are different from the everyday products we’re referring to.

So, is finding a universal skincare product that can be used whenever, however, and wherever you want unusual?

Absolutely. But we’re okay with being unusual…if it means making skincare easy and bringing you versatile products all over your body. 

P.S. We also do NOT think that should be unusual.

Goodspread Skincare is made differently. Because we don’t think you should *have* to buy 27 different types of moisturizers. Who has time for all that, anyways?

We believe in Easy Living™ skincare that works wherever you put it.

That’s why we created just products that meet your needs without overdoing it. No restrictions or warning labels here. Just, you know, free will to choose what’s right for you.

All of our products are formulated with absolutely no junk and can go ANYWHERE on your body. But the point is that you know what’s best for your own skin. Your body, your rules. Always.


That’s it for now! There’s a lot of noise in the skincare industry, but you can count on us to be honest and clear about our products and our mission. What you see is what you get – easy to understand, and easy to use skincare that meets your needs, your way.