Let’s Talk About Inclusivity in Skincare

Let’s Talk About Inclusivity in Skincare - Goodspread

When most people think about skincare, there’s no question that women are usually at the forefront of the conversation (and the advertising campaigns). After all, most skincare products have simply been marketed to women above all else over the years — it’s just the truth.

But, here’s the question: why?

See, the world isn’t made up of one gender. In fact, it’s made up of a spectrum… and everyone on it has skin. A lot of it.

And, not only does everyone have skin, everyone also has different skin, lives in different environments, and has different lifestyles.

It’s why we’re here to dismantle the idea that gender itself is what should really even matter at all in skincare — and instead promote the idea that gender-neutrality and inclusivity matter a lot more in medicine cabinets than perfectly branded moisturizers do.

The gap in inclusivity in skincare

While the makeup industry has made leaps and bounds in the past few years in terms of inclusivity (think: extended shade ranges, inclusive messaging, and gender-neutral advertising), the skincare industry has been lagging behind.

According to Well + Good, “In the United States, Black women spend an estimated $465 million a year on skin care—yet, despite their buying power, the majority of mainstream skin-care products are formulated with caucasian skin in mind.” 

Well + Good also references a study from Le Cerre Skincare, which found that “63 percent of women of color feel ‘ignored’ by the industry, and that ‘there aren't enough effective products for them.’”

 This lack of inclusivity in skincare is glaring, unfair, and a way bigger problem than we give it credit for. In fact, we’ve barely even touched the surface when it comes to all minority groups, to all genders, and to all socioeconomic groups as well.

So… what can we do?

The first step to promoting inclusivity in skincare starts with your pocketbook — AKA, supporting brands that focus on promoting inclusivity with their products. Whether it’s haircare, makeup, or skincare, start prioritizing your purchases from brands that listen. 

Your pocketbook is precisely what encourages companies to pay closer attention to what their consumers are looking for — so show them that you’re looking for inclusive, gender-neutral, affirming options that make their consumers feel respected and well-represented, too.

Next up? Embrace the idea that we all have skin that needs to be taken care of… and it’s usually simpler than we think. Integrate universal products (like Goodspread’s Universal Skin Hydrators) into your routine that promote benefits for every skin barrier, and resist the marketing that gears certain products towards only women or only men.

Start focusing on using products that showcase every walk of life into everything from their product descriptors to their marketing images, and be part of the change. Instead of handing your money to companies that prey on insecurity and division, focus on the brands that feel good for everyone.

You’ve got this — we know it.

Inclusivity in skincare starts with us (and with you).

Statistics show us that the skincare industry market size was valued at $26.92 billion dollars in the US market alone — and is projected to reach $37.13 billion dollars by 2026. It’s one of the fastest growing industries in the world, and we have the unique opportunity as consumers (and as humans!) to gear it towards inclusivity and understanding for all.

At Goodspread, we promote inclusivity through skincare that prioritizes substances (and skin) over hype. We want to speak to our commonalities as a people, and not our differences — helping people live their best lives and have their very best skin. 


While we know that no one brand or person can change the world, we’re big believers that we can try. Join us at Goodspread as we work to promote inclusivity in skincare and so much more. We’re happy to have you here.