Skincare Routines Have Gone Too Far — Let’s Talk Easy Skincare

Skincare Routines Have Gone Too Far — Let’s Talk Easy Skincare - Goodspread

When it comes to skincare, you’ve probably been overwhelmed (and a little confused) by everything there is to know and learn. After all, a scroll through Instagram or TikTok probably leaves you with the thought that you need AHAs, BHAs, a retinol, a botanical oil, to apply it in a precise way, to use a skincare fan between steps, and then to sleep on your back.

*passes out*

Well at Goodspread Skincare, we’re big believers in something: Skincare routines have gone too far.

Like, way too far.

See, we think skincare should be a LOT easier (and a lot less like a complicated science experiment).

And, guess what? Your skin thinks so, too.

The skincare industry is full of products with unproven claims (and, well, unproven hype), and the growth of the influencer industry has made it worse. The thing is, there’s no 17-step skincare routine that’s going to magically result in perfect skin.

The trick? Gentle, well-formulated, easy-to-understand products that work in tandem with what your skin actually needs (not what Instagram says it needs). 

To put it simply, none of us need any more bright, colorful lids to add to our overwhelming skincare cabinets. We just need it to be easy, and we need it to work.

So, why does skincare feel so complicated?

Skincare feels as complicated as it does for a lot of reasons — but one of those reasons is that, as one of the fastest-growing industries on the planet, skincare matters. A lot.

And people know it.

In fact, Formula Botanica reports that the global organic skincare market is set to reach $57 billion by 2027 — and CNBC reports that 40% of consumers between the ages of 18-22 are looking for gender-neutral beauty products. This has opened massive spaces for skincare companies to market themselves well, to produce more products, and to, well, confuse people.

How to make skincare easy.

When there’s a million choices (and opinions) around skincare, it can feel extra tricky to build the right skincare regimen — but we’ve got you covered with an accessible, feel-good process that actually works. The secret? Cleanse, (maybe) exfoliate, hydrate, and protect.

That's it.

Cleanse: The first step in skincare should always be cleansing the skin, especially at night. However, you really don’t need exfoliating cleansers, brightening washes, or medicated washes that aren’t prescribed by a dermatologist. Instead, look for a gently-formulated cleanser (cream formulations are great for dry skin, and you can gravitate towards a gel or foaming cleanser if you’re more on the oily side).

(Maybe) exfoliate: Depending on the overall health of your skin, exfoliators can be a good addition for reducing buildup, helping with hyperpigmentation, and promoting cell turnover, Some skin types have a hard time handling exfoliating agents like acids or retinol, but occasional exfoliation can make a big difference.

Hydrate: Dehydrated skin is oftentimes the cornerstone of most skin problems — and doesn’t always present itself with flakiness or obvious signs of dryness at all. This is where Goodspread Skincare’s Universal Skin Hydrators come into play with different formulations for all skin types. 

Our Light Hydrator is a gentle, refreshing hydrator perfect for sensitive skin — and its lightweight formulation is great for damage. Our Medium Hydrator is an all-day product perfect for all-day wear (and after-sun care, too), while our Heavy Hydrator is a thick, hard-working product that’s excellent for dry spots all over the body.

Protect: Regardless of who you are, where you live, or what you do, sun protection matters — and it matters big-time. A mineral sunscreen (not a moisturizer!) with at least SPF 30 should be applied each and every morning and reapplied during sun exposure. This is especially important if you’re using exfoliating agents like retinol as well, which can make your already sun-sensitive skin even more so.


There you have it, pals — a little reminder that skincare doesn’t have to feel so complicated (and shouldn’t)! At Goodspread Skincare you can always find trusted advice and products that feel as good as they are. We’re all about Easy Living™, universal products, and no-fuss, no-junk skincare that’s equal parts effective and versatile.